Optimized PHP forum hosting

If you want forum hosting then, communicate with URL jet. We provide professional and reliable forum hosting for some of the world’s largest companies and professional sports teams. We are specialized in vBulletin forum hosting. We know every aspect of vBulletin performance matters and that you need the highest levels of technology.

We always ensure that your user never suffer problems due to hosting, data safety and support issues. URLjet provides service for vBulletin, wordpress, XenForo to IPB platforms and has experience to understand the importance of your forum or blog. We will deliver enterprise class hardware, software support, reliability and data safety for your vBulletin, WordPress, XenForo or IPB platforms. We have experience with some of the world’s largest forums and you will never have to worry about your hosting. Our optimized PHP forum hosting has come in three monthly packages.

  1. Forum pro
  2. Forum Gold
  3. Forum Platinum

Forum pro: –

RAID-10 disk space 10GB, premium bandwidth 200GB, R1 hourly backup and softaculous all these features are coming in Forum pro monthly package and the price is $24.95.

Forum Gold: –

In this monthly package will get RAID-10 disk space 15 GB, premium bandwidth 300GB, R1 hourly backup, softaculous and dedicated IP at $34.95.

Forum Platinum: –

This package has come in $49.50 and include services are RAID-10 disk space 30 GB, premium bandwidth 750 GB, R1 hourly backup, softaculous and dedicated IP.

For more details log on to http://www.urljet.com/.


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