65081_952619438085812_398519766475423286_nNeed vBulletin professionally installed? Installation service includes one license of vBulletin, installed on one domain and includes the setup of a free test site for you to practice on. Before ordering please make sure your hosting environment meets the requirements of vBulletin (Currently PHP 4.3.3 and MySQL 4.0.16, We recommend PHP 5.25 or later and MySQL 5.0.51 or Later).
Installation Includes:
One license of vBulletin, installed on one domain
The setup of one test site for practicing
60-days of free upgrades to protect your investment
GUARANTEED to be completed in 12-hours or it’s free
An important aspect of running a forum involves vBulletin SEO or Search Engine Optimization. These days simply maintaining a forum is not enough. It is important to draw maximum traffic to the community. When it comes to SEO, there are always new issues popping up and new concepts to consider. Unless a customer wants to spend endless hours researching and keeping up to date on this ever-changing world of SEO, it can be quite a relief to hand off the task to professionals.
Log on to – http://www.urljet.com/vbulletin-services.php

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