Optimized Forum Hosting Services


Why go with “vanilla” hosting when you can get optimized forum hosting that will run your forum faster than anyone period.Forum Hosting is challenging and not every hosting account is suited for it. Don’t let your hosting package slow your forum down. URLJets optimized forum hosting packages will keep your users smiling and coming back for more.
URLJet offers professional, reliable managed forum hosting for some of the worlds largest forums including fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams. vBulletin is all we do, all day, everyday.

All our shared hosting plans come with :

Free setup. Your Forum is Running Within Hours!
Free migration service. cPanel to cPanel migrations are always free
Free domain for life. With any quarterly term or longer
Free Forum installation. With your Valid License.
30-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!
Seamless Account upgrades from shared to VPS. Upgrading has never been easier.
Free Backups. Your Forum is backed up several times a day at no additional cost. Why settle for nightly backups?
99.9% network uptime guarantee. We will guarantee that your Forum stays online.Throw in the fact we support your Forum software and include free installs, free upgrades and plugin installs.

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Xenforo Managed Hosting


Driving the facilitating business since 2003, URLJet offers sensibly evaluated, completely managed solutions for all hosting plans. XenForo is an exciting new forum software from the original developers of vBulletin. With its natural system and quickly developing library of additional items, xenforo is on a most optimized plan of attack to turning into a standard in the online discussion group. We’ve worked with it since its beginning and know the type of hosting setup and service that your forum needs for optimal performance. We deliver a level of performance and capability that no other host can provide. At URLjet, your XenForo Hosting needs are covered from installation to upgrades and server resources. With our experience hosting some of the world’s largest forums; you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing our capabilities as your forum expands.

Our clients call us the ‘Best in the Hosting Business’ for many good reasons. Here are few of them:

  • With every hosting account, we provide automatic backup to keep our promise of safety and security.
  • Our 24/7 support team ensures we are always there in times of trouble.
  • Be it a forum with a hundred user or tens of thousands of users, we have the physical infrastructure to handle your every hosting need.
  • We believe in one-to-one interaction and that is exactly what we provide our clients.

All our Xenforo Packages comes with a 30 day-money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with our hosting service.To know more about our Xenforo hosting services please log on to –




icon-wordpressNo opportunity to keep up your WordPress site? Most facilitating organizations can run a bunch of projects and programming including WordPress. This is great however less in the event that you have an extremely requesting WordPress site. WordPress is an incredible programming and it has its eccentricities; just a genuine WordPress-Optimized-Hosting Provider can comprehend these facet and can run your site speedier than any other person. We can roll out boundless improvements to your WordPress site. We make changes in layouts like remove widget from side bar, put it on footer, update your logo, install new widget, disable sidebar, in short any type of changes, which dont need custom design or custom programming.

Sign up with URLJet and the following services are FREE.

Services Included:

  • Free WordPress Installation
  • Free WordPress Upgrades
  • Free plugin installation
  • Free theme installation
  • Free WordPress plugin installations like cache plugin, status plugin, ad plugin, and social plugins take the worry about performance, social networking requirements and ad management out of your website.

Every URLJet wordpress hosting Plans comes with true R1 hourly backup, not nightly, daily, or weekly like the other companies… And we don’t charge you extra for this! It comes free for every account. We provide 100% support for your WordPress website. Get a plan now or contact us to help you choose the best plan for you.

For pre-sales questions and other concerns contact us at – 1-888-699-2609 or

Send us mail – sales@urljet.com



Forum Hosting is challenging and not every hosting account is suited for it. When you wish to create a forum for personal or business purpose, the first thing you need to consider is the hosting options. Due to the wide variety of options available for forum hosting, picking the most appropriate forum hosting can be an overwhelming task. One of the best ways to find unbiased answers and advice about forum hosting is by looking, reading and active participation on forums.

URLJets optimized forum hosting packages will keep your users smiling and coming back for more. Experience 99.9% uptime and a blazing fast forum. Try our Optimized Forum Hosting and your forum will run like lightning. Every URLJet shared hosting account comes with true R1 backups and LiteSpeed.

All our shared  hosting plans comes with –

Free setup. Your Forum is Running Within Hours!
Free migration service. cPanel to cPanel migrations are always free
Free domain for life. With any quarterly term or longer
Free Forum installation. With your Valid License.
30-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!
Seamless Account upgrades from shared to VPS. Upgrading has never been easier.
Free Backups. Your Forum is backed up several times a day at no additional cost. Why settle for nightly backups?
99.9% network uptime guarantee. We will guarantee that your Forum stays online.

Have the last forum host that you will ever need. Order your optimized forum hosting today only @ http://www.urljet.com/forum-hosting.php




Unlike other generic VPS provider, our Virtual Private Servers have tricked out apache and optimized mysql to run vBulletin faster than anyone else.

You see, other hosts have to ensure that their VPS are tuned for maximum compatibility with a wide array of software. On the other hand, we can go all-out on the optimization and focus solely making vBulletin blazing fast and bug-free.

And that’s one of the reasons why we’ve been hosting some of the largest vBulletin forums for years now.

Not good enough? Here are other reasons why our clients continue to trust us with hosting their forums:

  • True R1 hourly (not weekly, nor daily) backup. – Never worry about losing data.
  • 100% Forum Support – Free Forum Installation, Migrations, Upgrades, and Plugin Installs and more*
  • Expert vBulletin Support – Veteran vBulletin experts are on-staff to support your forum.

Fact: Every URLJet VPS includes apache and mysql optimization to specifically run vBulletin.

Throw in the fact we support your vBulletin forum software 100% including free installs, free upgrades, and free plugin installs. You truly have the last vBulletin host you’ll ever need.


All our VPS plans come with:

Free and fast setup. Our average setup time is between 4-6 hours!  
Free Migration Service. As long as control panels match.
Free cPanel. Easy to use GUI for full control of your VPS
Unlimited Domains. Add as many clients and domains as you like.
2 dedicated IP addresses. Create custom white-label nameservers for free.
Equal Share CPU. Benefit from the use of Powerful CPU’s
CentOS Operating System. All VPS’s come preinstalled with CentOS by default
Seamless upgrades from VPS to VPS. Upgrading has never been easier.
Fully Optimized & Secured. Out of the box we will secure and optimize your VPS.
Full Managed support. We support all VPS packages with a control panel.
Free Backups. We backup each VPS HOURLY at no cost. Why settle for nightly backups!
Private nameservers. We register and setup a free complimentary set of name-servers.
99.9% network uptime guarantee. We will guarantee that your website stays online.
Root access / SSH. You have full administrator rights to your VPS.


Fully Managed Dedicated Servers


A Url Jet vBulletin dedicated server is more than just a server. It is a fully managed server designed to take your vBulletin forum to the next level. In fact, we include Lite speed Web Server, R1 hourly backup, and free storage with every server. If you want cheap servers with low-end 7,200 RPM drives…which probably match the same speed as your desktop and No vBulletin support, then we most likely are not the solution you seek. We refuse to compromise on speed, reliability, and first class, unmatched vbulletin support.

Services Included with Every Vbulletin Server are:

FREE migration of your forum
FREE vBulletin upgrades on request
FREE vBulletin plugin and style installs
FREE hourly backup to secure RAID storage array
FREE cpanel/WHM
FREE server hardening to lock down your new server
MySQL is professionally tuned specifically for your forum database
100% managed server
100% optimized to run vBulletin
Expert vBulletin advice to get the most out of your forum

To know more log on to website http://www.urljet.com/vbulletin-dedicated-servers.php

Your Trusted Companion for Hosting Services


Nowadays online forums are in much demand across worldwide. Looking into this many websites is interested in using v-bulletin and adding a community to their site. But to create and maintain this v-bulletin adequate skill, knowledge and a vast experience is a must. It is essential to have a secured and powerful server before using v-bulletin.

Normally these services begin with installations but a lot of things can be done to upgrade the account later. The v-bulletin services includes three upgrades to forums as they are released, these three types of forums includes shared hosting, virtual private server and dedicated server.

Among these three forums the most reliable and expensive one is the dedicated server, it is used to serve the needs of the network and also used to manage communications between all the other computers. Then come the cheaper web hosting commonly known as shared hosting in which service provider serves pages for multiple websites. And the last category is the virtual private server which is a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service, it is having its own operating system and the customers should possess super-user level access to that operating system instance so that they can install any software which runs on that operating system.

Urljet is not just a host, they are a partner. You can get cheaper, you just can’t get better!!

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Call us today at – 1-888-699-2609.